Our Application Process

  • Applications forms must be completed by all applicants interested in adoption. Application forms can be requested by emailing apply@onebyonedogrescue.co.uk or contacting us through our site here.
  • When requesting the application form please advise whether you are wanting to apply for a specific dog. If you are, full details on the dog will be forwarded with the application form
  • Once completed applications have been returned and received we will assess each one individually. We will respond to each and every application we receive.
  • All successful applications will require completion of a home check. This will be completed by a volunteer who will contact you directly to arrange to visit. We do request that everyone in the household is present at the visit to confirm they are in agreement for having a new addition to the family.
  • Once a match between a dog and your family is made by admin you will be invited to a meet with the dog. This is normally held within its foster home and you will be expected to travel (at least once) to meet with the dog prior to adoption. Following the meet with the dog we will speak with the foster family for feedback as well as yourselves. We take great care to match and place our dogs to avoid return to rescue. If you, or we, feel that match isn’t correct please be honest as we always are. It doesn’t stop us working with you, it just means the dog you have met isn’t to be the one and we will keep looking for the perfect match.
  • Once adoption is agreed we will agree an adoption date (normally within a 7 day period) and will send all adoption paperwork to you. Please note the adoption donation is payable in full prior to adoption so we can confirm payment received.
  • Finally, the best bit – adoption day! We will ask that you arrange collection times / places with the foster family. We will send (with the adoption contract) a list of things we require you to have with you or have ready at home. We will also provide on the list suggestions / advice for settling the new addition into their new home. We appreciate it is an exciting time for you and any children in the family. However it can be a scary time for the dog and they may will time to settle and become the dog you’ve read about and met previously.

We always love to see our dogs in their forever homes so will remain in contact with you & love to receive updates & photos……lots of photos!!