Jonny is 7 years old. He was born in the shelter and has lived there ever since. As a mixed breed dog with leishmaniasis, he is continually overlooked and has never had the chance of being in a forever home with a family to call his own.



Johnny is a 7 year old medium sized mixed breed dog in foster in Macclesfield and is looking for his forever home.

Johnny is an affectionate and calm, yet slightly nervous dog. He is good with other dogs and friendly with people when he gets to know them. Johnny does lack confidence and can be nervous with sudden noises or barks, and he will need his own space to settle and gain trust in his new family. He is also going to need a family that can take the ‘gentle but firm’ approach with him to allow him to gain his confidence while also encouraging him to try new things.

Johnny is currently living with other dogs & chickens. He could live with another neutered calm and confident dog for company or as an only dog but if an only dog he will need someone to be around the majority of the time. He is going to need to be rehomed to a household who is keen on putting time and patience in to his training as he has never had this before. He has interacted with younger children whilst in the shelter but these interactions haven’t been tested in foster, however is great living with a teenager in foster.

He likes to know what is on the other side of every door and gate so a very secure garden with a secure fence height of 5 feet is a must. Johnny is vaccinated, neutered and has a full pet passport. He has tested positive for leishmaniasis and will require a home prepared support this condition. We have successfully rehomed many dogs with leishmaniasis and they have gone on to live happy lives in their forever homes with the correct management.

Johnny’s adoption will require a full home check with written landlords permission if renting, a meet and greet in her foster location, an adoption contract and donation of £350.